Skip the investor research, fast-track your funding

Struggling to find investors suited for your company? Let us build you a pipeline with potential investor matches across +50,000 contacts in Venture Capital & Business Angels worldwide with our AI.

Who is EasyVC for?

You’re starting in this thing called
«Startup Fundraising»

You don’t know there’s a fundraising framework. We’ve built EasyVC from the ground up and trained our AI so you work with the right fundraising framework right away!

You’ve spent countless hours looking for investors everywhere

You need many investor meetings and close the round before you run out of runway. EasyVC will find investors that match your startup so you don’t waste your valuable time.

Your network of
founders and investors
is not enough

It’s not easy to have a strong network of investors, even if you have raised before. EasyVC will help you in boosting a solid network that lands you Term Sheets.

You’re feeling
you should reach out
to more investors

Coming from experienced founders who have raised millions, you initially need 99 No’s to get to that 1 Yes. Let EasyVC get you to that 1 Yes faster and easier!

Discover your perfect investor matches, powered by AI

Trained with up-to-date databases in the startup ecosystem, the EasyVC AI curates a custom list of investors that match with your startup description perfectly and instantly adds them to your investor pipeline. Find the right investors quickly and easily!

Build meaningful connections through warm intros from other founders

The most effective way to raise capital and get investors’ attention is when founders from their investment portfolio introduce you to them. To be taken seriously, a warm intro is essential. Do what the top 1% of founders do to raise capital through connections that matter to investors.

Access all contact details on every investor card

Gain instant access to partner names, verified emails, phone numbers, LinkedIn profiles, and more—all in one place. Dive into their portfolio founders and their LinkedIn information, so you spend less time looking for warm intros.

Stay on track with follow-up alerts

Building strong investor relationships during your fundraising journey is key. With EasyVC’s follow-up alerts feature, set custom reminders for each investor interaction. Don’t let important follow-ups slip through the cracks.

Manage every step of your fundraising pipeline

The investor pipeline helps you keep track of all your investor relations, document all conversations, negotiations and stages of your investor relationship, from start to finish. Effortlessly organize your fundraising process using drag and drop to ease your workflow.

It’s EasyVC lemon squeezy!🍋

Your fundraise will take at least 8 months…

For a proper fundraise, you should spend
6 hours a day finding investors

(That’s only if you count your work from Monday to Friday…!)

You think you are fundraising, but instead you are spending 720 hours on investor profiling

Plus your company is trying to run by itself, without you managing it…!

And on top of that… you are targeting the wrong investors.

You already know a startup’s most valuable resource is time

yet you are alone, lost, burned out, running out of runway, and not fresh where you are needed most => pitching to investors.

Want to beat time and spend it on what’s really important?

Actually fundraising to grow your business.

We can help you do just that, thanks to the power of AI and the all-in-one fundraising tool for startup founders and CEOs.

Start by treating fundraising like it’s a business process.

EasyVC will be your ally in your fundraising journey 🧭

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the EasyVC AI work?
Our AI is fed with a database of +40,000 contacts and saves you the time to do specific research about investors. The AI evaluates thousands of datapoints to give you best investor matches instantly based on your startup description, such as LinkedIn profiles, investor activity, portfolio companies, and much more. This task alone is something that would take a couple of hours of manual human work just to investigate one investor. And Time Consumed = Runway Consumed. All this work can be done by an AI to find the investors that best match your company. As entrepreneurs who have raised millions in the past with our previous startup, we know how overwhelming and difficult it is to do research on endless spreadsheets and databases looking for investors.
👀 Is EasyVC just another CRM for investors?
No, EasyVC isn’t just another CRM. It’s the first AI-powered fundraising tool for startup founders and CEOs. Within the first 3 minutes, it will start providing value by addressing one of the biggest challenges in fundraising: finding the right investors. Thanks to the power of AI, EasyVC combines finding perfect investor matches for you (including their contact details) with applying the warm intro methodology through their portfolio founders. Our goal? To make it an easy all-in-one AI tool for you, so you can do all your fundraising efforts within a single platform, and ACTUALLY FUNDRAISE!
💳 Is the payment service secure?
Yes, our payment service is secure. We use the Stripe payment gateway for financial processing, and we do not store any information about your card. Stripe ensures bank-level security standards.
😲 What if I already use Trello to track my fundraising?
No worries! You can easily import your existing investor pipeline from Trello into EasyVC, all while unlocking new investor matches on EasyVC every single month to keep your pipeline active.

Are you ready to take your fundraise to the next level?🍋